Belvedere Irish Nights - Dinner & Show

Tour Operator: Belvedere Hotel Irish Nights

What can I expect

  • Traditional Irish Music and Dance
  • World-Class performers
  • Central location in Dublin City Centre
  • Dinner included before show begins
  • Also offer a show only option

Belvedere Irish Nights - Dinner and Show


Enjoy some of the very best Irish cuisine at the award-winning Belvedere Irish Nights show as the chefs will prepare flavorful dishes using locally sourced, high-quality ingredients.


This is a unique chance to experience the renowned traditional Irish music, dance, and cuisine.

The spectacular show showcases various styles of Irish dance, from the ancient 'Sean Nos' to modern interpretations.



Featuring a talented cast with credits from world-famous productions like Riverdance and Lord of the Dance, this event promises an authentic taste of Ireland's cultural heritage.


The two-hour performance features captivating Irish dance and live music by talented Irish musicians, offering a taste of various dance styles from 'Sean Nos' (Old Style) to modern.


The Show

The spectacular show is choreographed by the directors of "Damhsa" and Jim Murrihy, with an original score by Anthony Davis.


The cast includes performers from renowned shows like Riverdance, Feet of Flames, and Lord of the Dance, and they've appeared on TV programs such as The Tonight Show and Dancing with the Stars.

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